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Enjoy Summer: Avoid Mosquito Bites and Sunburns

With summer almost upon us, the two most common issues we face as we spend more time outdoors are sunburns and mosquito bites. This time of the year we get a number of emails asking for our favorite solutions to both, so June's Newsletter will briefly cover these topics.
Click Here: June Newsletter

Bug Bite Testimony

Amy wrote: My daughter was bitten under her arm by what we thought was a mosquito. She complained of it itching off-and-on, but it hadn't been too bad. Last night we got home from a ballet, and she was really complaining about it. I had her pull up her shirt and found the bite area had streaks running out from it, and a round circle at the end of one of the streaks. The bite didn't look too great either. I called the doctor and texted her a picture. She was concerned it might be staph. She prescribed an antibiotic, but I wanted to try some essential oil first. The pharmacy was closed, and I couldn't get the prescription until the morning anyway, so I applied Warrior, misted it with Skin Restore and put heat compresses on it. It looked much better in the morning, and I have applied Warrior, Skin Restore and heat compress a couple more times today.

In less than 24 hours it looked like this. I am so pleased and thankful! We are still keeping a watchful eye on her to make sure it continues to look better, not worse and that she doesn't spike a fever of any sort. I just hate to give antibiotics unless we really need it. I am praying that this is one of those cases that we don't and can fight this naturally with oils! I am so thankful! I will keep you posted on how it goes. We would appreciate some prayers too. :) [Linda's comment: I suggested for Amy to alternate Bacteria Top Gun with the Warrior and to use Peppermint for the itching.]

I do have Top Gun! I will alternate the two tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendation. Thanks also for the reassurance. I hate to second guess myself and think I should have given her the meds. I will keep you updated and I pray we will have an excellent testimony for you.

The next morning it looked like this. I'm so thankful!!!

Next morning Amy wrote:
My daughter woke up with two more bites under her other arm. They are almost like an ant bite with a small white head in the middle.They aren't as bad as the first bite, but I can't figure out what is biting her! I have stripped her bed and found nothing. I'm washing everything well and will spray with Plague Defense Spray.

While I was making her bed tonight, I noticed that I've been bitten by something on MY leg. I'm not sure if I was bitten earlier or if it happened while I was making her bed.

Next morning Amy wrote:
No new bites today! My bite and one of my daughter's new bites just look like mosquito bites today and are almost gone.

Essential Oils Work in Harmony

I receive a steady number of emails from those who want to understand the differences between using pharmaceuticals and essential oils. I hope this little "science" lesson helps us understand better the how, why, strengths and weaknesses of both. Please feel free to pass the link along to your family and friends.
Click Here: May Newsletter

Allergy and Hearing Loss Testimony

I felt to share this encouraging testimony I just received yesterday and today from "Pastor John."

Pastor John wrote: A lady who attends church with us talked to me about your products as I have allergies and chronic ear issues that have caused severe hearing loss. We talked about using Lavender for allergies, and she convinced me to give it a try. When my order arrived, the first thing I did was try the Lavender (a drop under the tongue) as she had suggested. I took ½ the allergy meds that I normally take, and in the last 12 hours I have had no reaction to the blooming weeds around the farm where we live.

Also, the Earache Relief has made a difference in the way the ear feels. It even drained last night, which it only does after heavy doses of psudafedarine HCL. I had no reaction (other than a positive one) to your oil, and as a matter of fact, the instant I took a dose of the Lavender I had a confirmation-like feeling that I can only say was God telling me that this was the right thing to do. I slept soundly last night for the first time since allergy season began because I was not hopped-up on meds. God bless you and your venture, and we will be telling more people about your testimony. Thanks so much for the products you provide.

Pastor John wrote the next day: The initial dose of Lavender was sublingual, just a drop under the tongue. We have started mixing a drop with a teaspoon of local honey (the honey we use actually comes from a keeper that places mobile hives on the farm where we live). I have gone from taking 6 to 8 doses a day of Benadryl to one dose in the morning. The Earache Relief has been wonderful. My ear (which has a tube in it) has never drained properly and never felt right in the last 10 years. This morning is the third day I have used the Lavender and the second night for using the Earache blend before going to bed. My ear this morning popped and drained, and for the first time in a long time my ear feels comfortable. I don't even have a cotton ball in it. God had been blessing me with the gift of healing.

We thought we were all suffering from colds, cough, runny nose, sneezing and drainage. After one dose of Lavender , all four of us (my wife, son, daughter and myself) sat there last night at dinner and remarked that it must have been severe allergies and that it felt nice to have those symptoms relieved.

Thank you so much. The products and advice you provide, both here and on your website, have been invaluable and insightful. We are taught from an early age that the only "cure" for what ails us is the manufactured chemicals from the drug companies. We have found that if we trust in the goodness of the Lord and use what He has given us, the effects are something to be praising Him about.

This being the National Day of Prayer, I am taking time at lunch to offer prayers to God for our nation, but I will also be singing His praises for raising up a mighty servant like you. God bless you and keep you. Linda, you truly are salt and light!!!

March 4th Paster John wrote: I was just on the website planning out my next order, and saw the comments. I love to see people get encouraged just by our testimony. I am still amazed at the results. Mowed the grass last night without sneezing and wheezing. Praise God I was led to you and your gift. I was sitting last night in meditation on scripture and remembered that in John 3:16 He said He "Loved the World", His creation. It stands to reason that if He would go so far, for us the fallen, as to provide salvation, He would also provide for our needs in the physical realm. Then I realized He had been saying the whole time that He provides for the birds and animals; His bounty for us must then be vast. God Bless you and your family, and may His Blessing fall on all you do. Thanks Linda.

Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Scientists now believe that free radicals are causal factors in nearly every known disease. Our April Newsletter gives some explanation for why this is so and what you can do about it. As always, if you feel the information is helpful, please feel free to pass the link along to your family and friends.
Click Here: April Newsletter

Inspiring Testimony

I received an email a few days ago that I thought would be an encouragement to others as it was to me. With Katie's permission, I felt to share it with you. Katie has purchased oils from us for several years, and this little glimpse into her life and the use of the oils is truly inspiring.

Katie wrote: I want to let you know how eternally grateful I am that your friend introduced you to essential oils and that you now supply them for people like us. I have spent this past week soaking up all the invaluable information on your website. I printed off several of the newsletters you have posted recently and passed them out to my family and friends.

It's really sad that toxic products that harm us have been so mainstreamed in our country that even believers are skeptical of using wonderful healing oils that God has blessed us with since Creation. I am trying to change that here in our valley.

My sister told me a while back that she puts your Sunshine moisturizing oil on right after her shower. I don't know what happened (maybe it was the Holy Spirit's prompting), but about a week and a half ago I started putting on my Briar Rose moisturizing spray right after my shower, along with several other oils. As you know, I've been ordering oils for quite some time, but we've only used them as needed. I had no idea what a difference it would make to use the oils on a daily basis!! I have been so tired and draggy feeling for years, but for the first time since we started having our babies, I have had energy and felt like doing things again. It feels so good to not have to force myself to clean house - I WANT to now!!

Besides my Briar Rose spray (which is one of my very favorites), I put on Balance, Master, Clary Sage, Pain-X (for pain caused by bunions I'm hopefully going to have corrected next month), Bones & Joints, and now Purpose & Chronic Fatigue. My last period was much lighter than usual, and I don't think I experienced any PMS! I have suffered from chronic acne since I was a teen, and my skin looks better than ever! I've been putting your Comfrey Salve on my face at night, and it's made such a difference! Overall, my skin looks and feels better than it has since I was little! I've also been putting Frankincense on a mole I was worried might be cancerous, and it has almost completely disappeared. Amazing! I wish I would have started using the oils every day a long time ago! Now I have both a morning and evening oil routine that I hope to continue the rest of my life.

At my last dental cleaning, the dentist wanted to know what I was brushing with. I told him the Plague Defense Tooth Suds and he couldn't believe it! My teeth have never felt cleaner. I had almost no plaque, and it has cured my husband's bad breath. The dentist wants to try it on a patient that has periodontal disease! View Article about Oral Health

We haven't had to take our kids to the doctor because everything they've had has been taken care of with our oils. I love them!! I thank God for them all the time. He is using them to bless our family. I'm going to have my husband start using them daily as well. I saw the pH food list today and realized that almost everything we eat is acidic, so not only are we going to regularly use our oils, we are going to change our diet to a more alkaline and healthy one as well as exercise regularly, too. Time to be healthy. We believe that as the temple of the Holy Spirit we need to take care of the bodies God has given us so He can use us to do His work. The information in your newsletters has helped me to see how we have been neglecting to take care of ourselves the way God intends us to do - sacrificing health for mainstream convenience. Thank you for helping us see the truth!! It has truly set us free!! Love in Christ Jesus our Healer, Katie

Essential Oil Strategy to Fight Colds and Flu

This month's newsletter gives some concise strategy for the use of essential oils when sickness knocks at your door. In our family, we've found that following this simple strategy typically abates sickness of all kinds, sometimes within a few hours.
Click Here: February Newsletter

How Temperatures Affect Essential Oils

As winter storms recently buried the North, I thought of some of our friends in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Illinois and so on. Don't worry if your essential oils are delivered in cold weather, even if they have to sit outside for a good while. Dr. David Stewart writes, "even in the extreme, cold never hurt any oil - regardless of whether it is essential, expressed, absolute or a carrier blend. If your oils are ever chilled to the freezing point, don't apply any heat to thaw them out. Keep the lids on and just let them warm up gradually to room temperature, and they will be fine."

While I’m covering the temperature topic, we have friends in the deep south who want to know about the effects of heat on the essential oils. I try to protect my essential oils from excessive heat, yet I do realize that true essential oils are the product of distillation at temperatures well above the boiling point of water (212F or 100C). They prove themselves to be stable at these high temperatures or else they would not be worth much to us once the high temperatures separated them from the plant. The flash point of some essential oils is between 100-140F (38-60C), which means that the lightest oil components may temporarily separate, vaporizing in the sealed bottle. The good news is that, once the bottle has cooled back down, these components condense and become liquid again, leaving their chemical makeup unaltered. If your essential oils do get too warm, keep the lids on until they have cooled back down. If you must open a bottle that is too warm, the lightest compounds may escape and alter the balance of the oil. In that case, your oil will likely not be as effective as before the incident.

Expressed oils such as Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime (although our Lime is distilled) Mandarin, Orange and Tangerine, can be damaged by temperatures in excess of 100F (38C), and they need to be kept in moderate temperatures. Blends with these oils in them are included. We try to keep our citrus oils and blends that contain them in temperatures we feel comfortable in. If they have been subject to temperatures over 90F, allow them to cool down before removing the lids. If damaged, they will smell different than when they were fresh, and the damage will reduce their therapeutic value and may cause skin irritation.

Absolutes fragrances, such as Jasmine, are destroyed by excessive heat (90F or 32C). They are slightly more sensitive to heat than expressed oils. Normal room temperatures help them maintain their delicate chemistry.

Carrier oils are typically cold pressed because heat makes them susceptible to undesirable alteration. When fatty oil molecules break down, we say they have become “rancid.” Blends that contain carrier oils, should be kept reasonably cool and will last longer if refrigerated.


Stewart, David Ph.D, D.N.M., The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, 2005, pages 431-436.

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