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Bronchitis is inflammation of the large air passageways that branch off the trachea (bronchi). It is usually caused by infection, but sometimes it can be caused by irritation from inhaling gases, smoke, dust particles or some types of pollution.
- Acute bronchitis (symptoms last up to 90 days) is usually casued by viral infections
- Diagnosis is based on symptoms
- Standard treatment such as cough suppressants and drugs are to reduce fever and to help the person feel comfortable
- Antibiotics are almost never needed

Chronic bronchitis - symptoms lasting months or years, and when occurs with decreased expiratory airflow, it is considered a defining characteristic of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

1. Our youngest daughter used to get bronchitis several times a year. Every time she got a cold, she eventually got bronchitis. Then we discovered essential oils and started using RESPIRATORY RELIEF, LUNG HEALING, MYRRH and sometimes HYSSOP. At the first sign of a cold or cough, we use these oils on her chest, bottoms of feet and diffuse Respiratory Relief. The first winter after using the oils, she never had one bout with bronchitis. In fact, the threat of getting bronchitis has completely disappeared.

2. Every year for many years until I learned about using essential oils, I got chronic bronchitis. I also learned about drinking ½ my body weight in ounces of water daily, and I add LEMON oil to balance my pH. I rarely ever get sick, and if I feel the slightest cold symptoms or scratchy throat coming on, I gargle with 3 drops of PLAGUE DEFENSE blend, make sure I’m drinking my quota of water, rest and no more cold symptoms! No more inhalers for me either. Bronchitis is a thing of the past.

3. I used to suffer with bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia all winter and much of the fall. As soon as I start to feel sick, I diffuse RESPIRATORY RELIEF or PLAGUE DEFENSE. I also apply Plague Defense to the bottoms of my feet. My husband and I both can go through the entire winter now without one sinus infection, or any respiratory problems.

4. I had great success with ridding myself of chronic bronchitis (had bronchitis 3-4 months out of every year for many years) by diffusing THYME (for its antiviral properties) or CLARY SAGE (this one acts like a bronciodialator and calms my lungs) or WARRIOR (antiviral). When I really need a boost, I’ll set the diffuser under the sheet about a foot from my face for fifteen minutes. After doing this for about 2 weeks, my chronic bronchitis cleared up, and I have not had a bout with it for a few years now. If my lungs feel slightly weakened or exposed to a bug, I repeat the above protocol. Usually 2 nights in a row will fix me up. I also gargle a few drops of PLAGUE DEFENSE if I feel at risk. These oils work!!

5. For persistent coughing or bronchitis, I use this formula as a rectal implant [Linda's comment: She mixed these together and then put a few drops of the blend into a capsule and filled the rest with a carrier oil.]:
2 drops SAGE
4 drops MYRRH
5 drops CLOVE
I also put RESPIRATORY RELIEF on the throat, chest and back and diffuse it or Eucalyptus Radiata.

6. I wanted to let you know that the LUNG HEALING and diffusing the RESPIRATORY RELIEF helped my husband so very much. The bronchitis/sinus/horrible coughing attacks are gone! Thank you Lord... and thank you for the direction. We also ordered the MYRTLE and swab the nostrils and that brings immediate relief when something blows in. - Karen

7. I've been fighting bronchitis for about three weeks. A few days ago I read about putting a couple of drops of TEA TREE oil in very hot water and breathing in the steam, using a towel over the head, was very good in treat a sinus infection. I decided to try it for my bronchitis, and it was amazing! I had been using Respiratory Relief, Warrior, Lung Healing, Plague Defense, and Peppermint, all of which helped, but only two sessions of Tea Tree in steam, completely knocked it out! Just use care as the Tea Tree can be intense! Blessings! - Susan


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