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Candida Albicans is a species of naturally occurring fungi in the human body. At a regulated growth, it poses no health hazard to us. However, when the organism becomes prolific, it causes infection in the area that it inhabits and threatens our systems. Thus it is important to keep the fungi population at a benign level. At times when this is impossible, as when one is stressed, exposed to the infection or is immuno-impaired, certain measures to restore one’s health can be taken.

Fungi and yeast feed on decomposing and dead tissues. These fungi exist in our stomachs, on our skin and in our environment everywhere. When kept under control, the fungi and yeast are harmless and serve to digest what our bodies cannot use.

Candida is fed from undigested sugars (carbohydrates), which create the overgrowth of the “bad” bacteria. Too many of these sugars can cause the fungi and yeast to grow out of control, which is known as systemic candidasis. The fungi invades the blood gastrointestinal tract and tissues. As part of the Candida (fungal culture) life cycle, they excrete a large amount of poisons called mycotoxins. These poisons must be detoxified by the liver and immune systems. Left unchecked, this can cause serious damage to tissues and organs, and they are believed to be a factor in degenerative diseases such as cancer, arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

Candida forms biofilm, described as a sticky goo, like plaque clinging to teeth that protects yeast and supports its growth. It forms a protective habitat for Candida, parasites and other 'misbehaving' microbes that fiercely resist antifungal pharmaceuticals. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology demonstrated that essential oils are especially effective at penetrating the tough biofilm that Candida hides behind. Some essential oils studied are:

(see references at the bottom of this page)

Mercury Poisoning, Candida Yeast, or Is it Both?

The Battle Plan
It is important to eliminate what the candida fungi feeds on to gain back balance and control over it. Eliminating or greatly reducing simple sugars from the diet in imperative. This would include, at least initially to get it under control, fruits of all kinds, carrots, potatoes, grains (except for long-grain brown rice) and dairy (except for homemade fermented dairy products such as yogurt). Avoid antibiotic and alcohol use as well. Find a good probiotic and use it consistently.

Minerals and trace minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc help to bring and keep balance. A lack of mineral intake possibly stimulates candida and fungal overgrowth.

Candida can be transmitted between spouses. Some research indicates that the men are the carriers though they may show no symptoms. Both partners need to follow the diet and use an anti-fungal protocal in order to eradicate it.

Essential Oil for Men:
Essential oil blend of equal amounts of PATCHOULI and TEA TREE. Add 1-2 drops to a bowl of warm water and wash under foreskin twice daily. Dilute the blend in a vegetable or carrier oil and apply under the foreskin once a day.

Essential Oil for Women:
Essential oils diluted with a carrier inserted vaginally several times daily initially and reduced as the condition improves.
Essential oils to consider:
German Chamomile
Tea Tree
Thyme ct. linalool

Hopewell Essential Oils’ TENDER TISSUE spray has been very beneficial to many.

Symptoms of Systemic Fungal Infection
- Fatigue/low energy

Gastrointestional Symptoms
- Thrush
- Bloating/gas
- Rectal/vaginal itching
- Altered bowel function (diarrhea or constipation)
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
- Blood sugar imbalance
- Indigestion
- Colitis/ulcers
- Food cravings rich in carbohydrates or yeast
- Overweight

Genitourinary Symptoms
- Yeast infections
- Frequent bladder/urinary tract infections
- Interstitial cystitis (irritable bladder)

Hormonal Issues
- Menstrual irregularities (pain, bleeding, etc.)
- PMS (moody)
- Thyroid dysfunction

Nervous System Issues
- Depression
- Irritability
- Inability to concentrate

Immune System
- Low resistance to illness
- Allergies
- Chemical sensitivities
- Headaches

Skin Issues
- Athlete's foot
- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Dandruff
- Toenail fungus

Candida Blend from the Essential Oil Desk Reference (the book notes that it is not recommended for those with estrogen sensitive cancers):
4 drops THYME
4 drops TEA TREE
2 drops MANUKA

Author of Essential Oil Safety for Health Care Professionals, Robert Tisserand writes: "We do not consider that essential oils containing phytoestrogens pose any significant risk to people with estrogen-sensitive cancers."

Candida Info from Dr. McCombs PDF

Biofilms - The New Microbial Order

Iodine, Antibiotics and Candida by Dr Orian Truss

The Whole Journey: Could it be Candida? by Christa Orecchio

Iodine - Antibiotics and Candida by Regenerative Nutrition

Natural Candida Cleansing - shared by customer

Comparison of efficacy of alternative medicine with allopathy in treatment of oral fungal infection in Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine
"This clinical study assessed and compared the efficacy of tea tree oil (TTO), an alternative form of medicine, with clotrimazole (i.e., allopathy) and a conservative form of management in the treatment of oral fungal infection. The study concluded that TTO, being a natural product, is a better nontoxic modality compared to clotrimazole, in the treatment of oral fungal infection and has a promising future for its potential application in oral health products." (0.25% TTO was given as a rinse.)

1. I had been dealing with yeast overgrowth for a very long time and heard about using essential oils, so I decided I’d give it a try since none of the prescription meds did any good long-term. This simple protocol turned my situation around: I took 7 drops of OREGANO in a capsule twice a day for the first week, and had such an improvement that I reduced that to one a day thereafter for 3 months. I took this a long time after the symptoms disappeared just to be sure that I’d eradicated the yeast. The Oregano did burn in my stomach, so I discovered that adding an equal amount of a citrus oils (I used LEMON or ORANGE) somehow cut the burning effect. Linda offered to mix this up for me, which made it a lot easier to deal with getting into the capsule. The other thing I’d strongly recommend is taking a good pro-biotic and avoiding all sugars, which feed the yeast. Once you are clear of the overgrowth, your balanced system can handle sugars in moderation. [HEO's Safety Comment: Oral use should only be considered with respect for how concentrated the oils are. HEO does not advocate internal use of essential oils without appropriate knowledge and understanding of how to administer, for what purpose, how much, which essential oils, safety concerns and so on. Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D. notes that "French aromatherapy literature contains many references to using oils orally." He goes on to note that "generally 1 drop is always enough when ingesting essential oils." A potential toxicity hazard could occur when untrained people use essential oils orally and ingest too much. Keep in mind that while medical doctors or health care practitioners may prescribe essential oils for internal use, they are trained and experienced in the safe application of essential oils.]

2. I had a very bad case of vaginal yeast infection. A friend told me to contact Linda at Hopewell Essential Oils for a blend to help me. I used TENDER TISSUE SPRAY with fantastic results. The discharge stopped after two days! I’d had this for a loooooonnnnngggg time. The raw, irritated feeling and itchiness improved dramatically that first week. This blend is incredible. It’s also a nice lubricant that I can feel really good about. Wow – I can’t tell you how thankful I am! - R. B.

3. I struggled with yeast infections after every birth until Linda made up this TENDER TISSUE SPRAY. It works, and it works fast. It’s very soothing too. After using this, I have never had another problem. I highly recommend this to my friends with similar needs. – A.L.

4. I had a rash on the back of my neck for over two years that sometimes became so severe that it oozed and itched for weeks. After doing some research, I became convinced that it was Candida. After reading some testimonies and talking to Linda, I decided to take CLEANSING and avoided all sugars for a month. I also applied the Cleansing topically. The rash disappeared within weeks, and now I can tolerate sugars in moderation. I am very impressed with these oils!!

5. I suffered with a rash along my hairline for a long time before I tried essential oils. Linda suggested that I drink ½ my body weight in ounces of water daily along with some LYMPHATIC CLEANSE, take capsules of CLEANSING 3 times daily as well as a good pro-biotic. I also apply her LIVER/GALLBLADDER over my liver morning and evening. I began to feel better right away and had noticeable improvement in only a few weeks. Thanks!

6. I have battled Candida for 20 years and it always wins. I have better success when I stick to a "reasonable" protocol instead of some of the very restrictive, all but impossible ones out there. I am currently trying Syntol AMD from Arthur Andrew Medical - enzymes to eat the yeast (avoids die-off) and potent probiotics to replace the yeast, all in one capsule. The probiotic can still cause die-off (that is always my biggest problem; surviving the die-off) but so far, this is working much better than anything else I have tried. I am watching my diet, too, but not to the absurd restrictions most candida "experts" insist upon. IMO, they are totally unrealistic, unhealthy and unworkable. Everyone must sort out what will work best for them. I know a woman who drank only raw milk (no food) for 3 years. Every time she took a bite of food, she had terrible yeast reactions, until the 3rd year. Now she eats a clean diet (raw meat, too, I think) and is doing great. Yeast Infection Advisor is the site I found that convineced me to try the Syntol AMD. It has some excellent advice and information, though I have not read it all. - Susan

7. I think yeast is a big issue for almost every American because of our diets and chemical environments. Just one course of antibiotics is enough to mess up a gut for years, and who hasn't had at least one? Fungus/yeast certainly has played a big part in my life and that of my family's health. Personally, I would not use antifungal drugs. Many of them are very hard on the liver and, just like antibiotics, when you stop them the fungus comes back with a vengeance. Also, many strains of fungus become resistant to the drug. I would not waste my money testing for fungus. Once you know what to look for with your child/yourself, you can tell by symptoms, or absence of symptoms, whether or not you have fungus. Or just eat garlic! No reaction and you're doing great; runny nose, stuffy head, rashes, bowel changes, tummy aches, tears, etc., etc. and you've still got fungus.

I've read that mercury and candidia (yeast) have a symbiotic relationship in the body. We live in VA, mold capital of the world (or it seems that way!), a great environment for growing fungus. Our kids don't detox well on top of all their other problems and with lower temps (hypothyroid tendencies) lots of "yuck" can grow that wouldn't if they held 98.6 F temps. Lowered immunity also allows fungus and other critters to take over. "Know the Cause" is a website/newsletter by Doug Kauffman. He believes almost every aliment known to man, even cancer, is caused or at least aggravated by fungus. He's been studying the link for over 30 years. I'm tending to think he is right. If I don't know what the cause of something is anymore, I just treat it like fungus and 9 1/2 times out of 10, I get a positive response! Doug has a "phase one" diet to help you get the fungus under control. Diet is crucial, in my opinion, and so hard to NEVER cheat. And, in my experience, if you do cheat, you pay. - Susan

8. When you start to irradicate yeast overgrowth, you will feel terrible and have cold/flu-like symptoms. I took antifungals prescribed by my doc without any thought and spent two months on them with NO relief! It was when I turned to essential oils that I found immediate relief and have since been much more careful about my diet. A friend in the medical community has been stressing to me also the link between yeast overgrowth and cancer. I took lots of coconut oil and now use a product by Solar Ray called Yeast Cleanse for maintenance now. The oils are what really kicked it for me (along with dietary changes). I'd put a few drops of essential oils in a capsule daily. I used OREGANO, TEA TREE, ROMAN CHAMOMILE, FENNEL and LEMON. Oregano is the big gun here. - Sarah

9. For quite a while I was burdened with nausea, belly ache and bloating after eating. Sometimes I suffered most of the day through it and thought I must have gotten oversensitive to milk, sugar or anything unhealthy. I had some strong reactions and felt very uncomfortable, and then it occurred to me that I probably had Candida!! I immediately checked on the Hopewell site to look for something and saw that the FUNGAL SPRAY I had bought initially for something else might help me fight Candida! I was happy to try it out. I sprayed it on my belly and rubbed it in and felt better. I did it twice more, so like 3 days in a row, and after the second or third time it felt a bit hot in the area, but in a good way, as if something is happening. I stopped using it because I no longer have nausea, bloating and stomachache anymore! Wow!!! - Bernice

10. I've done lots of study on candida. Been battling it off and on for a long time. There is something about the relationship between candida and amalgam fillings. You'll have to Google it for more info. The point being is that you may want to get amalgams removed (safely, not just any dentist can do it), because there is a relationship between mercury and candida. Trying to eliminate the candida may be futile and even harmful without first addressing the mercury first if she has several fillings. Also, I found this article helpful on needing to break down the cell wall of the candida.

11. I have struggled with decades of yeast. I had a vaginal surgery when I was 20-21 to remove scar tissue that had developed from years of yeast in the area. I saw near 11 doctors who all told me it was either in my head or gave me loads of anti-fungals. Five years ago my daughter almost died at birth, and although she is totally fine now, I was not. They gave me a general while they removed her in a mere 55-second crash c-section, but they forgot to freeze me. She lost 96% of her blood and was chilled on a cooling bed for 72 hours to reduce possible swelling to her brain, lungs and heart. It was the hardest thing that I have ever gone through, and I never thought I would mentally or physically recover. While in the hospital, my catheter got dislodged and I had 2 liters of urine lodged and suffered major bladder distention. I was told I had developed Crohns, IBS, endometriosis, IC, depression, anxiety and so on. I tried numerous diets and supplements and had to sell my dream farm because of debt and not being able to work. As a last resort, I researched the GAPS diet, got the book and dived in. I stayed on the GAPS diet for 2 years with HUGE success! Today, 5 years later I feel amazing! I have fully recovered from many "diagnoses," and I feel amazing! I never ever thought I would see the day. - Testimony shared from a GAPS list

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