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Essential Oil Usage
Health Issues
COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Lung Healing
Pneumonia, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, asthma

Peppermint USA
(Mentha piperita)
Pain, respiratory, candida, digestive, fever, halitosis, headaches, hives, hot flashes, insect bites, itchy skin, food poisoning

Peppermint India
(Mentha piperita)
Pain, respiratory, candida, digestive, fever, halitosis, headaches, hives, hot flashes, insect bites, itchy skin, food poisoning

Respiratory Relief
Pneumonia, congestion, colds, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, sore throats, mucus, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis

COPD is the co-occurrence of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, in which the airways of the lungs become narrowed. This leads to a limitation of the flow of air to and from the lungs, causing shortness of breath. This disease is considered poorly reversible and usually gets progressively worse over time.

COPD is caused by noxious particles or gas, most commonly from tobacco smoking, which triggers an abnormal inflammatory response in the lungs. The natural course of COPD is characterized by occasional sudden worsening of symptoms called acute exacerbations, most of which are caused by infections or air pollution.

1. I have COPD and since using essential oils now for about a year, I have experienced a lot of improvement in my breathing. RESPIRATORY RELIEF and PEPPERMINT have helped me regain activity that I thought I'd given up forever. Diffusing nightly and putting a drop on my hands an inhaling in the day, have worked incredibly well for me.

2. For my COPD, I used ROSEMARY, PEPPERMINT and LEMON. I put this blend in an empty 15ml essential oil bottle. I inhale this deeply for 2-3 minutes throughout the day, and set it on my bedside table at night. It has helped improve my breathing tremendously. Diffusing it nightly helps me to sleep better, and therefore my days are better. My overall health and activity levels are increasing. Here's the "recipe" I used:
45 drops Rosemary
30 drops Peppermint
30 drops Lemon

3. I've been diagnosed with COPD, and when I started to come down with a cold recently, I was really concerned because I very easily go into pneumonia, so my doctor prescribed an antibiotic in hopes of stopping the cold from becoming more serious. Bad idea! After a few hours I could hardly breathe and had to be rushed to the ER. I spent over a week in intensive care trying to live through the side effects of the antibiotic. While still in the hospital, my daughter-in-law brought me capsules of LUNG HEALING mixed with a carrier oil for me to insert like a suppository. I cannot tell you how fast this worked. The results were almost immediate. I also found that by putting a drop on my hands and inhaling helped my breathing as well. The quality of my sleep improved when I feel asleep inhaling the oil like this with my hands cupped over my nose, and that helped me gain ground, too.

4. I have COPD and have had to use a lot of antibiotics over the years for bronchitis and lung infections to prevent it from going into pneumonia, but since learning about essential oils, my life has improved greatly. I use WARRIOR 3-4 times daily with about 15 drops in a capsule. This has worked far better than any antibiotics I've ever used, and instead of getting worse over time, I am actually getting better.

5. My mother has COPD, and I was diagnosed with it myself a few years ago. My mother is on 24/7 oxygen and just miserable. I was very disappointed to find myself on the same path. Thanks for my friend for suggesting I try some of your essential oils, I got a diffuser and started diffusing RESPIRATORY RELIEF nightly. In less than two months, I had almost no allergy symptoms anymore. When I went for my regular appointment with my doctor, she looked at my tests and asked me what I was doing. She was amazed at my improvement. I continue to use Respiratory Relief nightly in the diffuser and inhale it during the day, and I continue to improve. I have not felt any need to go back to the doctor and have been completely drug-free now for over a year. These oils work!


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