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Essential Oil Usage
Health Issues

Anxiety, stress, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, calming, uplifting
** See note on detail page about Blue Tansy**

Respiratory Relief
Pneumonia, congestion, colds, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, sore throats, mucus, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis

Helpful for bruises, fractures, sprains, joint pain, back pain, is uplifting and calming. (Formerly called Bones and Joints.) Available without carrier.

Thyme Thymol
(Thymus vulgaris ct. thymol)
Infectious diseases, immune support, cardiovascular issues, Alzheimer's, hepatitis. Consider using Thyme ct. linalool for children and the elderly.



1. I had good results using THYME ct thymol for snoring on the bottoms of feet, but PEACEFUL worked best for my husband. With a single application on his feet, he stopped snoring for weeks, and whenever he starts up again, I put some Peaceful on his feet while he is still sleeping, and it stops.

2. I use your BONES & JOINTS on the bottoms of my feet to stop my snoring.

3. My husband and I both use THYME ct thymol on the bottoms of our feet to prevent snoring - we sleep much better.

4. I've heard that snoring can indicate a clogged liver. My husband did a colon/liver cleanse, and his extreme snoring greatly diminished to almost not detectable. We also use PEACEFUL and/or THYME ct thymol between the toes, and we both sleep much better.

5. My husband sleeps better when he applies RESPIRATORY RELIEF on his throat at bedtime to prevent snoring. He loves the eucalyptus aroma, and it seems like this helps keep the airway open or something that prevents snoring. He's really pleased (as am I :-)

6. At first I thought it was coincidence, but the 3x that I have sprayed LAVENDER on my husband's pillow before bed he has not snored at all! This is HUGE since I end up in the guest room almost every night because he is so loud. Thank you!! - Dawn

7. My husband does really well with CEDARWOOD it reduces his snoring greatly- to almost none. - Robin


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