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Stomach Virus

Digestion Support
Digestive issues, stomach virus, belching, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, constipation

Stomach Virus or Gastroenteritis (sometimes referred to as the Stomach Flu)

Symptoms include:
- Diarrhea is the major symptom
- Vomiting

Additional symptoms may include:
- Abdominal cramping / pain
- Nausea
- Chills
- Clammy skin
- Fever
- Joint stiffness

Symptoms usually appear within 4 - 48 hours after exposure to the virus (typically in contaminated food or water).

This is a virus and very contagious in nature. Avoid sharing drinks, food and utensils when the virus is active. Although some may not get the virus, they can still be carriers who pass it onto others. Their personal immunity does not mean that they are not passing the virus along to others unaware. Quarantine is a good policy when a household is affected with this "bug."

Dehydration is a concern if the diarrhea and vomiting persist. Small amounts of pure water should be offered often rather than trying to force down large amounts at one time. Avoid consuming dairy products, fried foods and caffeine as these may aggravate. Also avoid sweetened fruit juice (including apple juice) and sodas because sugar aggravates diarrhea.

Suggested Foods
- Plain yogurt
- Bananas
- Fresh apples
- Vegetables
- Oatmeal - unsweetened or sweetened lightly
- Lean meats
- Sweet potatoes (baked and mashed but unsweetened)

1. My teenage daughter was suddenly taken with something that felt like stomach flu or something violent anyway. She was heaving and retching, and she sounded very faint.  I found her on the bathroom floor, trembling and shaking uncontrollably, almost about to faint, unable to go for medications or anything. My first choice with stomach flu is to get activated charcoal down, but her stomach was so queasy she had trouble getting it down.  I then fetched the sample of Digestion Support you sent me, and told her to rub it on her stomach since she was feeling too queasy to put anything in her mouth.  To our amazement, within just a few minutes after applying the oils, she started feeling much better, and the nausea eventually subsided enough that she was able to go to sleep. - J.H.

2. Digestion Support is the blend to have for the stomach flu! Just rub some on your abdomen or put a drop on your tongue and hold tongue to the roof of your mouth. It abates the vomiting and diarrhea immediately for our family! Great oils! – R.W.

3. The other day our family got a stomach bug, and I put the Digestion Support on all of us. It stopped the bug in it's tracks. Awesome! - P.B.

4. The Digestion Support has worked well for staving off vomiting with stomach flu and even prevented a food poisoning episode. Thank you for this formula. - C.G.

5. The stomach flu hit me in the middle of the night with relentless vomiting and diarrhea. I grabbed our bottle of Digestion Support and put a quick drop on the back of my hand and licked it off, anticipating the next surge of vomit. Amazingly to me, I felt better within the minute. I hung around the bathroom, but all episodes ended with that one drop. I cleaned up and went back to bed. By morning, I felt a little tired, but fine. This stuff is amazing! - L.S.

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