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Essential Oil Usage
Health Issues
Tinnitus, Ringing in Ears

Earache Relief
May alleviate ear pain and facilitate drainage.


(Pelargonium x asperum)
Menstrual issues, stress, sunburn, shingles, skin issues, PMS, inflammation



Geranium Rose
(Pelargonium roseum)
Skin issues, fungal issues, herpes, shingles, balance hormones, PMS, uplifting

Helichrysum Substitute Blend
Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Herpes virus, blood pressure, blood clots, heart issues, liver issues, circulatory, eczema, psoriasis, scar tissue, nerves

(Mentha piperita)
Pain, respiratory, candida, digestive, fever, halitosis, headaches, hives, hot flashes, insect bites, itchy skin, food poisoning

Cypress, Juniperberry, Lavender and Helichrysum [Blend] are noted to be helpful. Combine in equal parts and then add 15 drops to a 1oz glass bottle and add fractionated coconut oil or Jojoba oil (3% dilution). Shake well. Let 1-3 drops drop into your palm and inhale deeply, and then apply in front of and behind the ear and down the neck and under the jawline with a gentle massage (circular movements). Also, a drop of the oil can be put on a cotton ball and placed in the opening of the ear and left overnight. Never place essential oil directly into the ear!

1. My experience has been that food additives such as MSG can cause ringing in the ears. I discovered this on myself, and since sharing my story, have found others with the same experience. I read someone's testimony about this and decided to only eat salads for a week. I grew my own lettuce and made my own dressings from quality ingredients, organic if possible. The ringing was not near as bad, and by the end of one week had basically stopped altogether. Once I binged on fast food, the ringing came back.

2. My sister was diagnosed with Meniere's Vertigo about 10 years ago. She had ringing and a echo-like response in her right ear since then. Since I've come to love your oils, I suggested that she try some of my GERANIUM, PEPPERMINT and LAVENDER. She put Geranium (loves it and uses it now like perfume!) behind her ear lobe and bone behind the ear (undiluted). She used all three oils on her toe tips twice daily. She noticed both the ringing and echo both decreased. Next, I asked her to try my Helichrysum Blend. In addition to using this along with the Geranium on her ear lobe and bone, she also used it on her toe tips. Finally, she puts one drop on a cotton ball and places that in her ear nightly. The next day the ringing was much less and she continues to feel that she is improving.

3. I had tinnitus (ringing in my ears) for years that about drove me crazy. I used HELICHRYSUM BLEND (undiltued) on my ear lobe and boney part around my ear morning, noon and night. The ringing as almost disappeared - I am soooo pleased with these oils!

4. I want to share with you my experience with your EARACHE RELIEF blend. I've been having trouble with one ear. It sounds like I'm under water, sometimes it's just a crackling noise, and sometimes it's so bad that I hate being around myself because of the water sound along with what sounds like my heart beat. Now I know why they call it the ear drum. It sure sounded like a drum pounding. I went to an ear, nose and throat Dr., and they told me to try Sudafed for a week. The doctor also made a recommendation to put a tube in the ear, just like they do for the children. I didn't see that as an option. Unfortunately, I went through the whole box of Sudafed before I thought to try your Earache Relief oil. I remembered that I had ordered some of the earache oil, but I was thinking that I don't have a infection, but I was desperate, so I rubbed some oil around the ear and then put a heating pack on it. There wasn't much of a difference, so this morning I did it again, but I also soaked a cotton ball and plugged the ear. Praise the Lord, I haven't taken any more Sudafed, and my ear is doing fine. I'm very happy with the results of the earache oil. I will continue it for a couple of days and see what happens. I think any one who has children should have a bottle of this oil in their medicine cabinet.
Thanks for all you do to being the hands upon the earth that the Lord can use to bring forth his healing. All glory and praise to our Lord Jesus.
God Bless you - B. P.

5. Heartbeat sound in ear: A sinus infection can block the eustachian tube and cause hearing the heartbeat. Use Plague Defense and/or other anti-inflammatory oils around the ear, front and back, and down the neck under the ear. A tympanogram (graph showing movement of the ear drum) done by an audiologist would tell if the eustachian tube has fluid; it may or may not be an infection. The ENT (ear, nose, throat Dr.) usually sends suspected cases to an audiologist for that test, and then prescribes antibiotics -- yuck. - Barb

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