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A liver cleanse may be an important factor. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It purifies the blood and is a key to converting carbohydrates to energy. An overtaxed liver may affect our energy, digestion and skin. Fats and bile within the liver can easily become over saturated with oil-soluble toxins, synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. As toxins build, the liver becomes taxed and stressed, resulting in aggravating skin conditions, rashes, fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, digestive disturbances, pallor, dizziness, irritability, mood swings and mental confusion. The liver also plays a major role in helping the body detoxify. The final products of digestion are transported through the portal vein from the colon to the liver to be cleansed.

Benefits of High Cholesterol by Weston Price

More Evidence Points to Statins as a Potential Cause of Heart Failure by Dr. John Briffa

The top three blends purchased from Hopewell Essential Oils for supporting balanced cholesterol levels are:
CIRCULATION – Dilute and apply at pulse points where arteries are close to the surface such as wrists, inside elbows and base of throat, 2-3 times daily. Some apply along the spine up to 3 times daily.

ENDURANCE – Dilute and apply at pulse points where arteries are close to the surface such as wrists, inside elbows and base of throat, 2-3 times daily. Some apply along spine up to 3 times daily.

CHOLESTEROL MAINTENANCE BLEND – Dilute and apply at pulse points where arteries are close to the surface such as wrists, inside elbows and base of throat, 2-3 times daily. Some apply along spine up to 3 times daily.

Important Note about Taking Oils Orally
The quality of the oils mentioned in the testimonies here are suitable for internal use within safe parameters, if such use is deemed appropriate. Oral use should only be considered with respect for how concentrated the oils are. HEO does not advocate internal use of essential oils without appropriate knowledge and understanding of how to administer, for what purpose, how much, which essential oils, safety concerns and so on. Kurt Schnaubelt Ph.D. notes that "French aromatherapy literature contains many references to using oils orally." He goes on to note that "generally 1 drop is always enough when ingesting essential oils." A potential toxicity hazard could occur when untrained people use essential oils orally and ingest too much. Keep in mind that while medical doctors or health care practitioners may prescribe essential oils for internal use, they are trained and experienced in the safe application of essential oils.

1. My cholesterol after being on ENDURANCE for six weeks was the lowest it has ever been tested. Before using Endurance it ranged from 249-269, but now it is 203. My doctor was really impressed and said he was no longer concerned about my cholesterol. The “bad” level was good, and the “good” level was just 4 points from the normal range.

2. ENDURANCE lowered my cholesterol by 64 point in five weeks, and I only took one capsule a day. (HEO's comment: See note above about oral use.)

3. CIRCULATION on pulse points lowered my cholesterol in six weeks or less.

4. Here’s a bit of interpretation on cholesterol:
LDL – low means a bad carrier system
HDL – cleans up your system

5. Here’s what I did to lower my cholesterol:
LEMONGRASS – 5 drops daily in a capsule (HEO's comment: see note above about oral use)
2 capsules of Red Rice Yeast Extract
3 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract in 2 oz. water
Daily exercise
Healthy diet
Drink plenty of good, pure water [Linda’s comment: As a general guideline, drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily.]

6. My doctor’s visit showed perfect blood pressure (120/70) and blood sugar was fine, but my cholesterol was 270! He knows me well enough not to suggest that I take prescription medications, so he suggested the following:
Vitamin C
Vitamin B
Chromium Picolinate
Omega oils
Diet changes (he suggest the McDougall Program)

In three months my cholesterol was down to 206, but my triglycerides were still up and I still had some occasional chest pains. So I added the following to my protocol:
- Daily exercise
- Daily tonic of 1 TB Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 TB raw honey in a cup of water [lowers pH and supposed to lower cholesterol]
- ENDURANCE in a capsule twice daily (HEO's comment: see note above about oral use)
- Blend of TSUGA, GOLDENROD and GINGER in a capsule once daily (HEO's comment: see note above about oral use)

Four months later cholesterol was the same and triglycerides had fallen from 200+ to 150.

CHOLESTEROL MAINTENANCE BLEND (based on the above testimony)
3 parts ROSEMARY (contains 7% camphene which may balance cholesterol)
2 parts ROMAN CHAMOMILE (blood and liver cleanser, stress reducer)
2 parts TUSGA (contains 15% camphene which may help balance triglycerides)
1 part HELICHRYSUM BLEND (a chelator of plaque in blood vessels, heart regulator)
1 part GINGER (contains 15% curcumene which may help balance triglycerides)
1 part GOLDENROD (supports heart function and prostrate dysfunction)

7. I take the CHOLESTEROL MAINTENANCE blend by mouth. Yes, it tastes awful, but worth enduring for the wonderful benefits. I feel that by taking directly into my mouth it is absorbed the best and utilized without having to go through digestion processes. I take about 3 drops, 3 times daily. I feel great! (HEO's comment: See note above about oral use.)

8. Here’s my take on cholesterol: I don’t believe that cholesterol problems are due to animal fat. Cholesterol is produced by the body and is needed as part of every cell membrane and for hormone production. The primary function of cholesterol is protection, so there may be an excess in the body because there is a tear in the epithelial tissue, such as the stomach or arterial or venous walls. Cholesterol is formed and goes to that spot to protect it until it is repaired. For repair to happen, proper repair components need to be available and assimilated. Vitamin A is one primary component for the skin and epithelial tissue, but it may not be processed well by the body since it is a fat soluble vitamin. Also, problems with the liver, which handles fat, may inhibit assimilation of repair components. Nothing works in isolation. Eat a well-balanced diet as close to just harvested as possible. Stay completely away from processed foods, especially white foods and anything made from flour and sugar.

9. Dr. Batmanghelidj wrote in Your Body’s Many Cries for Water that the tissue deterioration that brings about cholesterol patching is generally due to body dehydration. He recommends to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily. Besides drinking my daily quota of water, I got off all my medications and use essential oils instead. I use PEPPERMINT and LEMON essential oils in my water to help thin the blood instead of Lipitor. I feel tons better now than while on the meds. (HEO's comment: See note above about oral use.)

10. ENDURANCE did wonders for my mother who spent most of her time slumped over in her recliner. After six months on Endurance her cholesterol was down to 240. That’s a drop of 36 points, and mom has a lot more energy now as well.

11. I took ENDURANCE twice daily and my cholesterol dropped 30 points in 2 months. (HEO's comment: See note above about oral use.)

12. My friend took 5 drops CLOVE and 5 drops LEMON twice daily and her LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped 35 points. (HEO's comment: See note above about oral use.)

13. A friend of mine was looking for additional support in reducing her cholesterol, which had reached 253. She was already exercising and watching the foods she was eating. I suggested that she try topical application of CIRCULATION essential oil blend for her cholesterol. She applied the oils twice a day, usually on the inside of her arm or on her neck. After 2 months she had a blood test and her cholesterol was down by 20 points. After another two months it was down by 30 points. She has been using the oil regularly for a year now and her cholesterol has been at a steady 180.

14. I use 4 drops Lemongrass and 4 drops Clove oil in a capsule twice a day. In 30 days my total cholestorol went down from 240 to 208. Not bad for a test run. I have now added Grapefruit oil 5-6 drops in a capsule once a day. I will see the results in a few months when I get my semi annual blood draw, but I'm very encouraged. (HEO's comment: See note above about oral use.)

15. A huge contributing factor to high cholesterol is processed foods. Eating fresh produce and organic meats/eggs lowered my husband's by 75 points. He ate next to nothing w/ processed wheat and sugar. That being said, I've heard other folks say LEMONGRASS and CINNAMON helped them. Even just eating/drinking a combo of cinnamon and raw honey as a tea everyday.- Jan

16. My husband has been on statins for years with numbers not really that great, even on the drugs. He follows good diet and exercise habits (we believe it is an inherited issues). He was game to give your CHOLESTEROL MAINTENANCE a try and has been able to lower his points to within five points of normal range without the drugs by just using the oil three times a day. He puts three drops sublingually before meals or close to meals. He holds the drops under his tongue about a minute, and then he washes it down with water. Once his numbers on the test looked so great, he decided to reduce and only take the drops morning and night, after which the numbers rose again, so he went back to three times daily. It looks like his body likes the oils in his system on a more consistent basis. I think he dropped the numbers within just a three-month period. We are very happy with these developments and so grateful for you for making blends available for those of us to try to find natural solutions! - C.H.

17. I don't know if this would work for everyone, but I improved my cholesterol numbers drastically - an average of over 30% improvement - and got them from bad to normal healthy range by cutting carbs to about 15 grams a meal (eat a serving of protein first before you eat the carbs), drinking Matcha tea (only one cup a day in the morning-you don't want too much or it can decrease iron absorption), and taking fish oil. I think cutting carbs was really key for me. I did not cut down on animal fats at all. I believe they're good for you (Weston A. Price) My MD was very pleased, and I was very thankful that it worked. Did NOT want to do statin drugs and probably wouldn't have taken them anyway. - Roberta

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