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~ Never drop essential oils directly into the ear ~


1. I am fairly new to using essential oils, but I read about a lady who used LAVENDER for her daughter with chronic ear infections. After applying the essential oil around the ear, her infection cleared. So, I decided to try Lavender for my daughter. Since she was a baby, we had to take her to the doctor for one ear infection after another. Nothing would clear them up. Tubes were finally put in when she was about three and then again when she was five. She still got sick very easily, and her ears oozed. During the winter months this was a morning ritual! As a result of all of the ear troubles and the two sets of tubes, she was left with “permanent” hearing loss. The specialist didn't want to do another surgery until we got all the goo cleared up, and it never cleared up! So he told us to give our daughter Sudafed for 6 to 8 months four times daily. Then, if that cleared her up, he would consider doing the surgery that would be needed to regain her hearing. This is when I read about the Lavender and thought, “Sudifed is bad for adults and I don't really want to have to give it to her for eight months, so what have I got to lose?”

I started using Lavender on my daughter, putting it on her feet and on her ears every night. I started that in June. Every year shortly after the school year would start, our local AEA did a hearing screening of all the kids in school. The AEA knew us very well, they had been screening my daughter's hearing every three months since she had been in preschool. And every time they screened her, a letter would come home stating that she had a 25% to 50% loss in her left ear and a 50% to 75% loss in her right. We would communicate regularly about what the doctors were saying and what the latest plan of action was. The loss was affecting her experience at school because she couldn't hear, and she was falling behind. Anyway, when she started school this fall, the AEA did their screening and we received a letter again, this time with a big old smiley face on the front of it. It said, “Your daughter's hearing is back to normal!?  Yeah! What did the doctors finally do this time?”
We had done nothing but use the Lavender essential oil regularly. No Sudifed, no surgery, nothing but use the Lavender oil. How amazing! Our daughter’s ears are super! Her hearing is superb. We have no more ear infections, no more goo oozing out and no more coughing in the morning.
2. I had no hearing in my left ear at all. For two month I used HELICHRYSUM BLEND in the morning and in the evening. I put the oil on a small cotton ball and put it inside my ear. Sometimes I put LAVENDER on it as well. I can talk on the phone now and hear like normal.
3. A few months back I finally got tired enough of my hearing issues to do something about it. I didn’t have Helichrysum or the blend, so I tried TSUGA. I put a drop or two every night around my ear and down my neck and sometimes during the day when I thought of it. I don’t remember how long it took, but my hearing cleared before I used 1/3 of the bottle! It has been a few months now, and I’ve had no problems whatsoever.
4. The Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education (CARE) teaches that PURIFY, GERANIUM and HELICHRYSUM are very helpful for restoring hearing loss when used with a VitaFlex technique as described in Stanley Burrow’s book, “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment.” I have an elderly neighbor who, after just a couple of applications of PURIFY around his ears has had some hearing restored. He was so excited to tell me that he could hear birds singing for the first time in years. Both Geranium and Purify are protective against infections.
5. This is what I did to restore my hearing. It’s probably a lot more than was necessary, but I had all these oils on hand and wanted so badly to hear normally again. I so happy to report that I believe my hearing has been restored to be completely normal after years of asking people to repeat themselves or just nodding acting like I understood them.
a. I rubbed BONES & JOINTS on the bottoms of my feet, especially my two smallest toes and smallest fingers.
b. On each ear I layered HELICHRYSUM BLEND, PURIFY, JUNIPER and PEPPERMINT (in that order) around and in the ear (not deep) and around the back of the head.
c. I pulled one ear up and then the other 10 times for each ear.
d. I pulled one ear back and then the other 5 times for each ear.
e. I pulled one ear down and then the other 5 times for each ear.
f. I pulled one ear forward and then the other 5 times for each ear.
g. Then I pulled one ear in each direction very quickly and then the other.
h. I rubbed 2 drops of RAVENSARA around the base of both ears.
6. I know my testimony will sound very strange to many people, but this is how my hearing was completely restored. I’d heard about the following technique and although it sounded foreign (actually, it sounded strange) to me, my husband and I decided to give it a try. I started noticing improvement within weeks of doing this nightly.
a. My husband stood behind me (he trimmed his fingernails first) and put a drop of HELICHRYSUM on each index finger. He gently inserted his index fingers into my ears while I held my head firmly against his chest.
b. He rotated his hands (with index fingers still inserted) until his hands were face upward. He lifted his fingers alternating between ears in a rocking motion 10 times in each ear to a count of 20.
c. Then he rotated his hands until his palms were face backwards. He pulled back alternately 5 times in each ear for a count of 10.
d. Next he rotated his hands to face downward. He pressed down alternately 5 times in each ear for a count of 10.
e. He then rotated his palms backward again, but this time he put his thumbs behind the fingers and pushed forward alternately 5 times in each ear for a count of 10.
f. Back at the starting position with palm upward, he lifted both fingers once and let down slowly.
g. He rotated his palms backward and slowly removed them.
h. He grasped my ear lobes and pulled down gently and then released.
i. To finish this off, he rubbed GERANIUM all around my ears.
j. Sometimes we’d also rub RAVENSARA round both ears.


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